What to do in Bohol?

Bohol day trip

I visited Bohol a few years ago when I was in the Philippines. Bohol is a small island in the central Philippines between Cebu and Leyte. You can get to Bohol from Cebu in two hours by ferry, and they depart hourly (if running on time) until the evening.

Bohol is famous for Tarsiers, Chocolate Hills, floating restaurants to name a few things and you can pretty much see it all in a day-trip. Here is the day trip tour that I did:

We started early in the morning and our driver took us to the famous chocolate hills. There are over a thousand hills in this area and during the dry season the green grass turns brown (hence chocolate hills). These were pretty cool to look and I don’t think I have ever seen so many hills in one place. A few of them had started to turn brown but I’m not sure about the chocolate resemblance.

Next on the agenda was the Tarsier sanctuary. These unusual looking primates are super cute but very shy. They are specific to this region of the Philippines so you won’t see them anywhere else. They are a very rare site due to being an endangered species so the conservation was set up.

Afterwards we drove on to have lunch on the Loboc river cruise. We sat down on the floating restaurant and were treated to a buffet style lunch. We then floated down the river. The area is lovely and peaceful and so is the river, so it was perfect to sit back and relax. We were also treated to a musical display from the locals singing and dancing!

The last stop was a visit to the Baclayon church. I believe it has since been destroyed in an earthquake so when I visited it was still in one piece. It’s an extremely old church that you can walk around and go inside and this building was one of the Philippines national historical landmarks.

Alona Beach

Another beauty in Bohol is the wonderful Alona beach in Panglao. This is in the south west of Bohol and is about a 40-minute journey by jeepney from the main city Tagbilaran. The sand is perfectly white and the sea is crystal clear. Its literally picture perfect. There are restaurants dotted along the sea front selling mango shakes and some ladies offering beach massages. It really felt like paradise when I was there.

So if your in Bohol for a few days then I would definitely check out these things or you could just lie on Alona beach soaking up the sun, I know I could


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