Chiang Mai

So after a few fun filled days in Bangkok it was time to move on and where better than Chiang Mai. The northern capital almost feels the total opposite of the southern capital, and not just weather wise. Its quieter, calmer and a little more chilli. That said there is still a ton of things to do in Chiang Mai ranging from elephant sanctuary’s, exploring national parks, trekking, zip lining or temple hopping. There is always something for you in Chiang Mai.

Within the city itself there is an abundance of temples to see. My favourites that I saw were the silver temple (Wat Srisuphan) and Wat Chedi Luang. At Wat Srisuphan the temple is made entirely out of silver which is unusual to see. There was so much detail that had gone into the temple and some really cool design features.

At Wat Chedi Luang they offer an experience in talking to monks. Now as a female these opportunity are normally non existence, as monks are not usually allowed to talk to females. But as this was done with groups of people it was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss. I actually spoke to a guy from Liverpool, UK, who trained to be a monk and it was so wonderful to hear all of the hard work he put in and how happy it made him. He too was once a nurse!

Wat Chedi Luang


After a day of temple hopping I visited the night market which is bustling full of stalls selling arts and crafts, clothes, shoes and whatever you need basically and is a souvenir heaven. Also the backpacker staple of elephant pants are sold in abundance here much cheaper then they are down south.

Another adventure to be taken from Chiang Mai is a visit to Doi Suthep. It takes roughly 45 minutes on a scooter (without traffic) from the centre of Chiang Mai and you go up some windy hill roads until you stumble upon Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. This is essentially a temple on a very high hill. Once there you climb around 300 steps to the top to find a beautiful golden spire in a temple with an even more beautiful view of the city. Please note that you must cover your shoulders and legs but they do provide sarongs at the temple if you don’t have anything. The temple is so beautiful and in the sun all of the gold sparkles, the only down side is that its super busy as it is a popular tourist location.

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

The view of the city is incredible and you can pretty much see the whole city from the hill and I would definitely recommend a visit even just for this view.

The view from the top!

If you visit Doi Suthep than I recommend leaving, to return to Chiang Mai, before 4pm so you miss the crazy 5 o’clock traffic!

the travelling nurse x

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