The Beautiful Beaches of Leyte

In the central Philippine region of the Visayas is Leyte. An area which is battered by typhoons and earthquakes also holds a few gems that not many people will have seen. Having not reached the overwhelming tourist filled hot spots like some areas, Leyte’s beaches can seem relatively quiet in comparison, and most of the tourists are locals themselves.

Canigao island

Canigao island is located in southern Leyte and you can get a minivan to Maasin and from there head to the pier. The boat will take around 20 minutes from there and you will arrive onto the island. You can either do a day trip or you can stay overnight.  If there is a large group of you they have cottages that they rent out but these can fill quickly. If you’re on a budget and are planning to stay overnight you can bring your own tent. There is a small island fee and as per usual tourists pay more than the locals do. Bring your own food if you don’t fancy paying for extras. The island itself is beautiful with clear blue water and perfect white sand. You can walk around the island in around 20 minutes unless you’re like me and stop every few seconds to take pictures!

The weather took a turn for the worse

Kalanggaman island

This island is to the west of Leyte. You can get there by taking a minivan to Polompon and taking a boat from the pier. The boat usually takes around 1 hour and yet again if you are a tourist expect to pay much more than the locals do. However, this island is incredibly beautiful and is well worth the money. You can also stay overnight here too but you will need to bring all of your food. You can rent a tent out to sleep in overnight or if you’re feeling brave (or just don’t want to pay more money) you can sleep on the beach. I slept on the beach during summer in April time and it was fine, but it might be a little chillier at night in the winter months. The island is so beautiful and has an amazing sandbar you can walk along, it’s really the perfect dessert island to be stranded on.

Hope you enjoy reading about my experiences on paradise island, I wish I was back!!

Thetravellingnurse xx

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