5 Things to do in Hoi An

Hoi An is in central Vietnam along the coast. It was once a trading port to the rest of south east Asia and the town itself is now a UNESCO world heritage site. The town is a tourist attraction due to its history, architecture, cultures and traditions. Here are my top 5 things to do whilst in Hoi An:

  • If you want to see the history of Hoi An why not take a walk around the old town. Here you will see the traditional buildings with influences from the Chinese, Japanese and European culture. Some of the buildings including bridges dating back to 17th and 18th There are plenty of old structures, houses, museums and arts and crafts for you to see.

Japanese covered bridge

  • Why not explore the area by bicycle? There are plenty of stalls renting out bicycles for the day or you can grab one from most hostels. You can cycle into the town and a lot of the area have no vehicles so you won’t have to compete with other scooters and motorbikes. The surrounding area is also beautiful with rural countryside, rice paddies and mangrove forests for you to explore.

  • You can also head down to one of many beaches. Hoi An sits along the coast and from the town it is about a 45minute walk to the beach or you can head down in a taxi or bicycle. The water isn’t the crystal clear blue sea that you can see in other south-east Asia destinations however it’s still a relaxing day out and worth even for a few hours. Top beaches include An Bang and Cua Dai. Watch out for the ladies trying to overcharge you for a sunbed, it should be enough if you just buy a drink from them!!

An Bang beach

  • At night, the town of Hoi An comes to life with a night market and some beautiful lanterns lit up. The town looks lovely in the evenings so you can stroll along the river have something to eat and wander around the market. Lanterns are made here in Hoi An and you can see them being made in the street. They look amazing at night when they light up the streets with a beautiful array of different colours.

  • You can sample the delightful food of Vietnam and Hoi An and what better way than taking a cooking class. I did my class with Bay Mau Eco Cooking Tour. There are plenty to choose from and trip advisor gives some good reviews so I recommend having a read first to see what tour suits you. For my tour, we went down to the local market in the morning and were shown all the local ingredients popular in Vietnamese dishes. We then took a boat over to our lodge where we cooked a few different dishes and sat down to eat them.


Seafood Noodles

Grilled beef with Noodles and salad

If you’re looking to try out the local food then my favourites to recommend are Cao Lau, which is a noodle and barbecued pork dish with greens. My other favourite was snacking on Banh Xeo, which is a crispy pancake filled with chicken or beef with beansprouts and other veggies dipped in a peanut sauce J

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